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With the popularity of blogs, the sport of snarking is quickly becoming the most popular activity in the world. Most snark slingers focus on the topic of fashion or celebrity or both, but there are so many snarking varieties that it's difficult to nominate any one category for the majority.

Snarking is best done with the emphasis on the snide portion of the snark portmanteau. (Refer to definition 2 in the sidebar...) Often the snarkee, while the target of the snarking, is frequently not the intended recipient. The snarker, aiming for a distinctly separate audience, is best advised to apply liberal doses of humor in the form of snide witticisms in order to evoke the desired response.




The snark is a mostly fictional creature in Lewis Carroll's The Hunting of the Snark. As the prey for an odd band of hunters, some think the snark may even be a cousin to the snipe. Some snarks appear friendlier than others, with whiskers or even feathers, though most will bite or scratch, if provoked. (Though beware the Boojum!)

As a style of speech, the word snark can be considered a contraction of snide and remark, thus snark. So to snark someone is to toss a (seldom caught) snide remark their way, the act of which is snarking. (Though other definitions may exist, do they make as much sense as this portmanteau?)



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